Some Thoughts on Archer’s 6th Season

by AJ Adejare


Unfortunately, due to resources we won’t have a review of Archer, but I put down some thoughts about Archer.  


1. I think this season confirmed for me that the direction of Archer Vice was more appropriate.  While people lamented for Archer going away from “old” formula, a lot of this seasons missteps occur because of it.  Characters are cemented so you can’t necessarily have that much character development. Sure Lana herself develops because of the circumstances, but the truth is that these qualities have always existed just more in a background noise.  Yes she becomes more “motherly” but that has always been the case since Day 1 of Archer.  The same for Archer and his innate awareness of caring for Abbiejean and the setup for just in case something should happen.

2. It’s nice having cameos. With that said the cameos were alright, though I would have preferred more diversity in the cameos.

3. The comedy in Archer is still great but standard for Archer.  With Vice it was a bit more impactful because of the situation.  The first episode, The Holdout clearly shows this limit as the times where Archer should be funny, simply falls flat.  Others like Drastic Voyage Parts I and II shows why Archer can have us giggling as well as in flat out awe of the audaciousness of the series.

4. Man, I wish Krieger could get more face time that has him inventing instead of just plain going mad.

5. The ending was superb.  Action, great comedy, and an Archer-style ending that will make you love this show only to question why the first episode was rough.  With that said, see above, it looks like they’re going back to the Vice format and it makes sense.

6. With that said I hope next season is the last.  While Archer is great, all good things must come to an end and I would want it to end on an awesome note rather than a quiet note.


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