Objectivity in Anime Reviews

by AJ Adejare

Bobduh’s Wrong Every Time recently posted an essay about objectivity in reviews.  The essay talks about the concept of objectivity.  This essay nails it but I want to talk about this quote:

So let’s get down and dirty with objectivity in criticism!
Which we will begin by debunking immediately. Sorry, but it’s only really possible to entertain the idea of “objective criticism” in an extremely small bubble, and once you start engaging with the history of actual criticism, that bubble pops in a hurry.

This quote pretty much shows the wrong issue about people’s pursuit of objectivity: It doesn’t exist and when you push for objectivity you inherently push a subjective notation.

He also talks about the concept of privilege:

This is actually a fairly simple way to explain the concept of “privilege,” incidentally. Even if you’re not rich and successful personally, you still have a specific circumstance-based lens that attunes you to some things while blinding you to others. 

I have only a few things to add: It’s when you don’t put your heart on your sleeve and write the reviews you want to put out that you really do a disservice to your audience.  You have to make the audience care about what you have to say rather than a rating.  As for the audience, the rating is a guide, not a scientific fact or law.  Your tastes may change and tastes from reviewers may change.  At the end of the day that’s what makes reviews great: hearing opinions and seeing how they play out.


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