Some thoughts for Steven Universe’s Story for Steven

by AJ Adejare


1. This episode characterizes a lot of what makes Steven Universe good.  Good earnest characters using their heart rather than society’s thinking. 

2. What struct me as awesome was the response of Greg on multiple fronts.  Yes he went to get a shirt, but was okay seeing someone get an XXXL shirt.  When confronted about the size of Rose, Greg would rather have one large woman than multiple smaller women.  It seems as if Greg was more mature than expected in this episode.

3. Speaking of size, it was good to see a lack of size discrimination on both ends.  While some may err on what Greg said, the truth was that he wanted one girl and that was Rose.  He didn’t care about her shape, and neither should the audience.  

4. It was weird seeing Amethyst, Garnett and Pearl in their younger years.  They are technically thousands of years old, yet look a lot younger than what their adjusted age for me would feel like.  I personally pegged them as college students, but they came off as teens/kids.

5. Rose Quarts is everything I thought she would be.  Great selection in voice acting and scripting all around. Rose sounded believable on a thematic and story level with the plot and scripting. I would say that Susan Egan did a great job, but she was Belle in Beauty and the Beast and Megan in Hercules.  Of course she did a damn good job.  Props to the Voice director as well (I wish I had their name).  

6. There are some issues with this episode however.  In reality, the introduction of one character wasn’t necessary.   The story seemed too short (and really should have been a 2 parter) and wanted to get from A to B as quickly as possible.  I know what they were going for, but this event is a wine at a wine festival, not beer at a kegger.  Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu did well with Say Uncle, and they did fine with this episode too, they should have given them more time with this episode.

7.  With that said, this was a cute episode.


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