Some thoughts about GoBoiano’s Article about 4Kids

by AJ Adejare

A response to this article.

Honestly, people should listen to the interview had by 4kids from ANN:…

A couple of things about this article:

1. Riceballs etc. was a localization effort. It made sense at the time since Pokemon is a kids property and was done arguably in the 90s, but now, not so much.

2. Except for Batman (which is still like a major mystery how they got away with it) most cartoons especially aimed at kids weren’t allowed to have weapons or cigs, or the like, blame the censors for public air TV.

3. Same with death scenes

4. About the miscoloration of black characters: It was done to make sure that blackface wasn’t attached which makes sense. If you want to learn more about blackface:…

However, interesting that they did get caught on ad rights without Shueisha Entertainment’s permission.

Oh I think I’ll also attach it to


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