The Amiibo Problem: Nintendo Vs Money Vs Consumer

by AJ Adejare


Yep, more people are talking about Nintendo and Amiibo’s and yep, everyone is still mad at their scarcity.  In Chris Kollar’s latest piece, “Nintendo Needs to Deflate the Amiibo Bubble—Now” he laments at the fact that those who simply want to use Amiibo will not be able to get one.  Alexa Ray Corriea feels similarly, talking about how she wanted the figures just to play and use and not as a collector item.  It becomes frustrating for her as well as the audience that the timing for said figures as well as demand are not handled properly.  

If the Amiibo’s were simply just figures akin to Beanie Babies, then maybe the bubble could be subsided a bit, they do not however.  This scenario puts everyone in a predicament, more over because Nintendo does not want to address the issue by either willfully or accidentally ignorant.  Gamestop collapsed by the ordering and it does not seem to end with issues plaguing the system itself.


I will be blunt: Take a deep breath everyone.  Everything will be okay.

For those who want functionality, which makes sense.  Nintendo already clued people into their economy scale grade Amiibo: the card system.  Nintendo talked about it early into their area, but they are trying it out with the Animal Crossing mini game to see the waters.  If everything goes well, I expect Nintendo to release the cards at probably $20 a pack for a roster of Amiibo that you could not get in the statue stage.  It may not have the storage which many people would love, but it at least will push out the functionality that people want.  

For those who want the figures: Pray for On-Demand printing and hope it happens as 3D printing is cheaper than before and if Nintendo can find a small factory near their company they can push out better figurines.  


If all else fails, act tsundere and say “Well it’s not like I wanted an Amiibo” and if one that you like shows up, get it or else be cool and know that you’re not alone.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go back to learning because it’s not like I wanted a yarn Yoshi, stupid Nintendo.  


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