Meerkat and Periscope wars casually slides into your Anime Cons

by AJ Adejare


One of the hottest new apps, Periscope seems to be having faint showings in anime conventions.  After Meerkat jumped off with it’s showings at South by Southwest (SXSW) Periscope came up the next week and took Twitter by storm (it also helps that Twitter did the following to Meerkat with it’s API, Meerkat being Brian):

So I looked into three anime conventions this week and ran them with the following, [Anime Convention] Meerkat and [Anime Convention] Periscope Both Twitter handle and non Twitter handle


Anime Boston 0

Sakura Con 0

Anime Matsuri 1 Result (Not during Convention so disqualified)


Anime Boston: 8

Sakura Con: 3 

Anime Matsuri 0

As of right now in these unoffical results, Meerkat is unfortunately gone and Periscope wins.  Though this makes sense as multiple tech writers weighed in on how Meerkat and Periscope’s viability including what happened to Meerkat once it’s time in the App store on newest trend was gone.   

So let us know, are you Team Meerkat, Team Periscope, team neither/don’t care?  What other cons should we look at for said data as well?


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