Aniplex of America Announces The Asterisk War

by AJ Adejare

From the O-Network the property is based off of the Light Novel and will debut this fall. The original light novel is written by Yuu Miyazaki.


From The O-Network

Titled The Asterisk War: The Academy City of the Water (Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), the series contains seven novel published by Media Factory and illustrations by okiura.

From SGCafe:

…set on a place known as “The Academy City of the Water”, Rikka, which holds the Star Wars Festival (no relation to George Lucas’s scifi movie franchise), the world’s largest integrated battle festival where the young combatants of the Star Pulse Generation, who belong to six different schools, vie for supremacy. The story will follow a member of this Star Pulse Generation, Ayato Amagiri, who arrives at Rikka at the invitation of the Seidoukan Academy student council president, Claudia. but after he arrives, he gets into a bit of trouble with the one known as the “Petallblaze Witch, Julis.

Update: Here’s a video

Via Aniplex of America Anime News Network and SGCafe


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