The Oscars’ ignorance about animation is why we shouldn’t take them seriously

by AJ Adejare


The Oscars and systematic issues tend to go hand in hand. From best film, to best actor, even in highlighting movies, there tends to be problems with the Oscars. We also cannot forget about diversity that tends to elude them as their nominations as well as their committees seems to be the literal Hollywood big wigs we all know to understand as corporate overlords bosses. It becomes especially apparent when it comes to animation. The fact that the academy missed animation is, unfortunately the norm as they seem to not take animation seriously. Last year, Cartoon Brew highlighted from The Hollywood Reporter just how damning the ignorance about the Oscars for animation is:


Frozen into Abstention

If that isn’t enough, we can look under to this year’s comments made by voters. Look at the current article and you see that many people simply didn’t go and view animation at all. In fact, if anything they only went to go see things that their kids liked instead of all of the animations. And then there’s this bombshell:

Voter #5: I only watch the ones that my kid wants to see, so I didn’t see [The] Boxtrolls but I saw Big Hero 6 and I saw [How to Train Your] Dragon[2]. We both connected to Big Hero 6 — I just found it to be more satisfying. The biggest snub for me was Chris Miller and Phil Lord not getting in for [The] Lego [Movie]. When a movie is that successful and culturally hits all the right chords and does that kind of box-office — for that movie not to be in over these two obscure freakin’ Chinese fuckin’ things that nobody ever freakin’ saw [an apparent reference to the Japanese film The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, as well as the Irish film Song of the Sea]? That is my biggest bitch. Most people didn’t even know what they were! How does that happen? That, to me, is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.
MY VOTE: Big Hero 6

1. Confusing Chinese with Japanese art isn’t a good thing, coming at it like it’s subhuman filth is appalling.

2. The fact that you confuse Chinese with Irish animation…is not only concerning but just downright dishearting

3. Finally, only going to ones your kids can see? Once again, just ludicrous how that mindset allows you to vote on a category.

We also had tibits like this one during the presentation:

To me, the Oscars when it comes to animation gets to me significantly. To me, animation as a medium is one of the most expressive mediums out there, doing whatever live action can and then some. It, among tech/medical tech and video games, is one of my favorite hobbies to enter, so much so I run a podcast dedicated to it. To see a medium get ignored outright because a bunch of people feel like they do not want to spend their time, it just wants me to stop caring about them.

So I have, by stopping to watch them. If you can’t even take the time for a respectable category, what makes me trust you to get any of your nominations right?

I mean those guys (literally) did give Crash an Oscar.


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