Star and the Forces of Evil Impressions

Some thoughts about Star and the Forces of Evil:

1. The animation style isn’t bad, but it may turn off a few.  It’s reminiscent of the Scott Pilgrim style of art, but at the same time it makes sense for what they’re trying to accomplish.

2. Standard voice acting, which isn’t bad, or good, just there.

3. I’m glad that we’re seeing a female Main Character as it should be a lot more common.  We will see how things handle from there.

4.  With that said, I’m iffy on Star.  While I can see the enthusiasm, it feels at times it borders on the bad side of Spongebob.  Wasted energy, even for a fast pace cartoon can be bad.  It’s even more apparent when it IS a face pace cartoon.  Maybe it will grow on me, or become more apparent why.

5. Marco…Marco is an interesting character.  I think one of the reasons why Star can feel too energetic is because Marco switches from straight man to gun-ho pending on episode.  I think it’s way too early to tell with Marco how he’s going to turn out.

6. 15 minute format works for this series.  I don’t think it could sustain itself it it banked on a normal 30 minute series with too much subplots.

7. Right now, it starts off as average and I would say borderline on almost all aspects.  I can see why people would continue or drop pending on their views but we will have to see how it handles.  


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