SpongeBob Fresh out of Water Review

by AJ Adejare


It has been an interesting time for Spongebob. Entering its 16th year, a lot has changed, from writers, audience members, storylines. However, the saying “The more things change the more things stay the same” directly applies to SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water. True, a lot of things change throughout the movie and true the writing style and conventions changed for movies, but it feels like the same SpongeBob.

Candidly speaking, no real development happens for any of the characters in this MacGuffin based story.

The thing about Sponge Out of Water is that nostalgia rifts throughout the story. In fact a lot of the plot feels like a combination between “F.U.N.”, “Pressure”, a random Plankton “wins” episode mixed together with some other fantasy based Spongebob material. Surprisingly, it works for kids, primarily since a lot of those episodes are no longer ran properly except for in absolute emergency. However, if you stayed with SpongeBob for years, or came out of a decade coma from 2005 the plot line is very stale.

The same feelings happens with the jokes. There are lots of pop culture jokes aplenty however they are not necessarily all good. Sure some of the gags land for kids, and will maybe even land a bit for nostalgia and adults, but it’s very picky choosy. The pacing of the story and the speed of the jokes does more saving itself from coming than actually making it funny.

SpongeBob: Sponge Out of water would make for better “made for tv” movie. It is a good movie for kids, but acts only a bit more than a “shut your kids up” film. A shame because for the potential of the movie, it just coasted. For SpongeBob fanatics, go see a matinee, for kids that have nothing to do, go see it in theaters (opt more for matinee before seeing it full price). Everyone else, wait for Netflix or Nick to drop it 2 years later.


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